Fairfield to Adelaide Time

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America

Wednesday Feb, 24, 2021
06:46 PM

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

EST is 5 hours behind Universal Time.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thursday Feb, 25, 2021
10:16 AM

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Australian Central Daylight Time (South Australia) (ACDT)

ACDT is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of Universal Time.

Add 15 hours 30 minutes to Fairfield time to get Adelaide time

Convert current time in Fairfield to Adelaide time for the next 5 hours

Fairfield Time Adelaide Time
07:46 PM Wednesday Fairfield 11:16 AM Thursday Adelaide
08:46 PM Wednesday Fairfield 12:16 PM Thursday Adelaide
09:46 PM Wednesday Fairfield 01:16 PM Thursday Adelaide
10:46 PM Wednesday Fairfield 02:16 PM Thursday Adelaide
11:46 PM Wednesday Fairfield 03:16 PM Thursday Adelaide