São Paulo to Auckland Time

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Monday Jan, 25, 2021
03:22 PM

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Brasilia Summer Time (BRST)

BRST is 2 hours behind Universal Time.

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Tuesday Jan, 26, 2021
06:22 AM

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT)

NZDT is 13 hours ahead of Universal Time.

Add 15 hours to São Paulo time to get Auckland time

Convert current time in São Paulo to Auckland time for the next 5 hours

São Paulo Time Auckland Time
04:22 PM Monday São Paulo 07:22 AM Tuesday Auckland
05:22 PM Monday São Paulo 08:22 AM Tuesday Auckland
06:22 PM Monday São Paulo 09:22 AM Tuesday Auckland
07:22 PM Monday São Paulo 10:22 AM Tuesday Auckland
08:22 PM Monday São Paulo 11:22 AM Tuesday Auckland