Auckland to UTC Time

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Time

Tuesday Jun, 02, 2020
09:11 PM

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland time (NZST) is 12 hours ahead of Universal Time.

Coordinated Universal Time

Tuesday Jun, 02, 2020
09:11 AM

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

UTC is the time same as Universal Time.

Subtract 12 hours from Auckland time to get UTC time

Convert current time in Auckland to NZST time for the next 5 hours

Auckland Time UTC
10:11 PM Tuesday Auckland Time (NZST) 10:11 AM Tuesday UTC
11:11 PM Tuesday Auckland Time (NZST) 11:11 AM Tuesday UTC
12:11 AM Wednesday Auckland Time (NZST) 12:11 PM Tuesday UTC
01:11 AM Wednesday Auckland Time (NZST) 01:11 PM Tuesday UTC
02:11 AM Wednesday Auckland Time (NZST) 02:11 PM Tuesday UTC